In 1996, Government agencies were just starting to put their public records online. Los Angeles P.I. Robert Scott, then 38, recognized the value of these lookups to investigators – and knew that because links often change and need to be updated, a website needed to be made that could keep track of them, and change as they change.
In the years since, millions of free federal, state and local public record lookups have been run at the site and our original collection of free lookups has grown from 88 to over 37,000! We grew from a modest, single page of links to a database driven, high performance system running in the Amazon Cloud.
Robert has authored best-selling books on investigation, spoken at numerous investigative conferences, written articles on investigation and created some of the Internet’s best known websites for investigators. He still happily oversees Black Book Online to make sure it remains faithful to its original mission of making public records research fast, free and accurate.


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