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We've pre-scanned over a billion public records from thousands of public record data sources throughout all fifty states. We know where records can be found for any given name BEFORE you even run it! Once you do run a name, we give you a list of free public record lookups where there's a possible* record matching the name. Just go to the free public record lookup to see the official public record information that exists!
Since we haven't pre-scanned ALL possible public records (and doing so would probably be impossible) we also have the best database on the web for free public record lookups -- so your public record research can dig even deeper when it needs to! When you're done with our name search, just use our database of over 36,000 free public record look ups to keep searching!

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* Possible records may exist for different people with the same name. Errors can and do exist. Actual records are sometimes purged or removed by public agencies or otherwise may be unavailable as an online lookup due to state privacy law or the public agency's Internet policy. Possible information can only be confirmed as accurate once verification is directly made with the source public record agency. Sorry, Black Book Online does not directly provide public record information on people and cannot provide further information on possible public records. Records limited to United States local, state and federal agencies.
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