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Name: District Court Calendar
Location: Itasca County, Minnesota
Data Source: Itasca County Ninth Judicial District
Description: Search official court dockets for civil, criminal and traffic cases. NOTE: Opens in .pdf format.
Record Type: Civil Court | Criminal Court | Criminal Records | Traffic Court
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Name: Parking Tickets and Traffic Citations
Location: Minnesota - Statewide
Data Source: Minnesota Courts
Description: Search for parking tickets by ticket number or date for all Minnesota Counties except Hennepin and Ramsey. NOTE: Also includes Department of Natural Resources, watercraft, fish, and wildlife citations that do not require a court appearance.
Record Type: Criminal Court | Criminal Records | Parking Tickets | Traffic Court
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Name: Statewide Trial Courts HOT!
Location: Minnesota - Statewide
Data Source: Minnesota Trial Courts Public Access
Description: Search official court records for cases identifiable with a person or organization. Includes civil, criminal and other case types. Includes option to search all available areas at once.
Record Type: Civil Court | Criminal Court | Criminal Records
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