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Name: Voter Registration Verification
Location: South Dakota - Statewide
Data Source: South Dakota Secretary of State
Description: Search official state voter registration records by name and DOB. Results may include home address and date of birth information.
Record Type: Voter Registration
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Name: Federal Campaign Contributors
Location: United States - Nationwide
Data Source: Federal Elections Commission
Description: Search the database of contributors to Federal candidates for office. A minimum contribution of $200 must have been made. Information on contributors may include address, occupation or employer.
Record Type: Election Records | Voter Registration
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Name: White House Visitor Records
Location: United States - Nationwide
Data Source:
Description: Search official disclosure of Obama administration White House visitors from 9-15-2009 into an unspecificed date in 2011. The site is not clear how often updates occur or when the latest update occurred. Contains 1.9 million names but subject to "voluntary disclosure policy." Includes both tourists and persons on government business. NOTE: To search for a specific name, click the magnifying glass icon, then enter a name in the search field and press Enter on your keyboard.
Record Type: Election Records | Voter Registration
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